Psychological Treatment

Psychological treatment (also known as psychotherapy) is appropriate if you are feeling unhappy, anxious, worried, depressed or fearful. It is a way of addressing personal challenges by talking openly in a confidential environment. It is an opportunity to share your concerns and feelings with a professionally trained therapist who can help you come to your own best solution.

Psychological treatment focuses on a wide range of difficulties, and I will tailor our sessions to meet your personal need by using an integrative/multi modal approach. Together, you and I will determine which mode or method will be more helpful for you, be it CBT, EMDR, mindfulness, psychoeducational or psychodynamic.

Change Your Life!

The goal of psychotherapy is to help you discover the underlying reasons behind your behaviours, thoughts, feelings and symptoms. With empathy, warmth and honesty, I will help you uncover these underlying messages, bringing awareness to your actions. When the underlying cause is identified and solved, unwanted symptoms are likely to be reduced or disappear entirely.
Here are some of the changes you can expect from psychological treatment:

  • Appreciate and develop your own potential in order to make positive, practical changes in your life, relationships, and performance at work or at school
  • Learn new skills in order to cope with the stressors you face and to feel better about yourself
  • Learn to understand and adjust your emotional responses
  • Let go of your negative patterns of thinking, feeling, or acting in order to apply new, more effective solutions
  • Discover how to resolve your inner tension and damaged relationships in order to feel happier and more fulfilled

Mental Health Challenges & Diagnosis

You and I will work together to manage and understand your mental health challenges and psychological diagnosis

I can provide you with guidance and support with the following:

Chronic Pain
Eating Disorders
Postpartum Anxiety/Depression
Self Harm